Sharanya - Jaipur escorts Story

I have been working as Jaipur escort since last few years, but I have not found total satisfaction yet. I have a huge appetite for this thing, and I always wanted it as much as possible. I hail from the northern part of India, and I know that people from north India are quite romantic and when it comes to hotness they are just too hot to handle. I have also inherited this trait from my elders. I came to Jaipur for the purpose of studies but the addiction towards eroticism made me work as escorts in Jaipur.
I was always fascinated with the fact that you got to be in the action and for that people will pay you. It was a win-win situation for me where others won’t judge me because of my desires and at the same time there will be enough privacy to lead a double life. Things were not as expected because most of my clients are old and frustrated and they are unable to perform when the time comes.

Some of them just like to drink on the occasion and after few drinks their capacity to do things literally sinks down to bottom. This is the problem I have faced a lot. I want them to do something to me so that I can be satisfied. I love the money but the desire to be loved is still missing until this young man hired me.

This young dude was searching for hot Jaipur escorts and he came across my advertisement on a website. Yeah I forgot to mention that I also work as Independent Jaipur escorts and I feel that working independent is sometimes better. But to boost my income I have also enrolled in various agencies so that they can just give me a call whenever they have such offers. So coming back to this young guy who was very desperate to lay hands on something that can provide him the pleasure he was seeking.
I was excited too as I inquired his age during our conversation on phone. We scheduled a place to meet and when I saw him I was overwhelmed with happiness. He was a young man with amazing looks and body. I was wondering why a man like him would desire the services of Jaipur escorts. He clarified that he was single and recently went through a break up and need someone to be with him.

His story was really heart breaking for me but I was not interested in his story, I just wanted him to take me closer to him and make love for as much as possible. He was really desperate and I could see the hunger in his eyes. He started with much fierce and I was enjoying every bit of it. He didn’t even let me rest for a minute and started doing it pretty strongly. After the act was done I was more than just satisfied.

But he was too energetic and started with me once again. This time things were even hotter than previous time. He told me that he could go on for an entire night but he can’t afford that much. I was not left with any option and I stayed with him without even charging him.